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Why Orya Maqbool was banned for 30 days?

Orya Maqbool Jaan, who host a TV talk show called Harf-e-Raaz has been banned for 30 days. Orya usually¬†screams and yells with his co-host to show the viewers that he’s very involved in the well being of Pakistan, is now out.

The reason for Orya getting notice from PEMRA is that he took a Tehreek-e-Talibaan leader on live phone call during his program so the taliban leader can express his views.

Orya Maqbool is well aware of the security situation in Pakistan as well as he is also aware that the most of the terrorism in Pakistan originates from Afghani soil, but he still went ahead and took live call of a banned party leader, regardless if it was in good faith.

Orya must understand that he is not in the government and he is not working for the Foreign Ministry that he starts his negotiation in parallel with foreign ministry, let the government of Pakistan handle the issues, rather than an anchor person who has no etiquette of being an anchor tries to resolve national security matters.

We must not forget that Orya also supported Khadim Rizvi who is booked on treason and terrorism charges and he was speaking in the favor Khadim Rizvi during one of his show. Orya also like to be called as a scholar of Islam, as he pretends that he has too much knowledge in every field.

The root-cause of his ban is due to promoting a banned organization in his show, and we hope that he has now learned his lesson and when he returns, at least stop screaming in his shows.

NOTE: Orya also made fun of Dr. Shahid Masood when he was banned for reporting of Child Abuse group and Deep Dark Web, at that time Orya mentioned in his program that Dr. Masood must validate his news before airing on TV and stressed that Mr. Masood aired false news.

Just talk normal Mr. Orya, there is no need to scream, we understand your point. Well, now do it after 30 days.



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