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Who is Waseem Badami? Is he also a member of ‘Lifaafa Team’?

Wasim Badaami, an speaking guru and so called ‘celebrity’ journalist who you will see on TV bluntly speaking with the politicians and trying to prove his expertise over the language, knowledge of politics and social-economics of Pakistan, is indeed a member of corrupt journalists. He has no journalism degrees of any kind from any of the world authentic and reputable Universities.

He is a bought-out fraud journalist and well trained by his masters. At first you will not see anything wrong and will see a patriot inside him, however, these frauds works for Malik Riaz who takes dollars and have sold their souls to Satan, Waseem/Wasim is one of them. We don’t even put him in the class of journalist as this its disrespectful for the profession. We call him a master’s puppet who loosely speaks and don’t know what the heck he’s talking about.

In 2014 he was terminated from one of the channel (we will not name channel) on corruption charges, later he made a deal with the head Malik Riaz, the owners of the channel and came back.

The guy used to read news on one channel a decade ago, now he has bodyguards with him wherever he goes.  How he completed his journey from a bus rider to a Honda 50 rider to a millionaire in such a little age and short time? We leave this question for you to think.

All of these lifaafa journalists has one faith, which is dollar and they will speak whatever you want them to.

We will soon reveal the reality with proofs, for now this is the teaser.



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