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Who is Behind Dr. Shahid Masood Bail Denial?

As we all know that Dr. Shahid Masood is in Jail for so called’ ‘corruption’ charges (for the crime he never committed) when he was DG at PTV. The charges on Dr. Shahid is completely self crafted by the gang of criminals who are breathing the fresh air of independence while innocent are to rot in Jail  due to corrupt judges still infiltrated in Pakistani judicial system.

It is reported that Masood had mistakenly signed a document when he was DG at PTV, the document was from a fake company who was contracted by PTV and stole 35 million rupees in fraudulent tenders and the company never delivered the expected services to PTV. The fraudulent company owners were caught who actually stole the money (not Shahid Masood) and returned 90% of the dues to the government/PTV, remaining 10% is being paid through post dated cheques (PDC).

Dr. Shahid Masood signed this document knowing that the company is real and will actually be providing contractual services to PTV.

Since all of the documents goes through the PTV’s financial audit team first and then it comes to the table of DG for signing, Masood assumed that the company was checked, verified and was legit. He did not know that it was a trap to blackmail him at a later time.

The gang of criminals which includes, Zardari, Nawaz, Malik Riaz, Khwaja Brothers and other associated criminal goons has used their corrupt resources within the judicial system to deny the bail of Dr. Masood and to keep him in jail for as long as possible. The main culprit behind this is Malik Riaz, a corrupt most real estate tycoon of Pakistan as well a billionaire.

There is also a grudge against Shahid Masood that he exposed the child abusing gang operating from Pakistan on deep dark web , international powers and the elite class was after Masood since the day he exposed the child crimes and pedaphile operating from Pakistan.

Despite all the internal and external evil forces against Mr. Masood, he will be soon freed and Malik the biggest criminal of all times will be booked for heinous crimes.

Our sources has confirmed that Mr. Masood will be released on Dec 31st or within the month of January 2019 and Malik, Zardari and his team will be booked soon for a long stay in jails.



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