We will not allow Afghanistan soil to be used against any country:Taliban spokesperson


Afghan Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid has announced that they will not allow Afghanistan soil to be used against any country.

While addressing the first press conference after the Kabul takeover, the Afghan Taliban spokesperson said that everyone has witnessed that they liberated Afghanistan from foreign occupation after a long war of 20 years.
He said that freedom is the right of every nation and they became successful to push out the occupiers after strong resistance. He added that the liberation of Afghanistan was the victory of the whole Afghan nation.
Zabihullah Mujahid said that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan does not want enmity with anyone nor is willing for the continuation of the war in the country.
He detailed that consultations are underway for the constitution of the political system of Afghanistan.
The spokesperson reiterated that the Taliban will not harm anyone and mujahideen did not harm anyone after entering Kabul. He vowed that the Afghan nation will be protected and those who opposed the Taliban have been pardoned.
Mujahid said that all foreign nationals have the right to reside in Afghanistan and the Taliban will respect them. He added that the Taliban guarantees the security of all political leaders and ambassadors. He said that foreigners will be compensated if they are having any reservations.
He said that the Taliban has no intention to enter Kabul but they decided to take over the Afghan capital following the worsening situation after corrupt rulers fled from the country. He added that the Taliban entered Kabul to protect the people.
Mujahid announced that the Taliban will ensure the protection of embassies and green zones in Kabul.
The spokesperson said that a blanket amnesty was announced following the directives of the Afghan Taliban chief.
He said that the neighbouring countries must respect our principles. He added that women will be allowed to work and get education in accordance with the Shariah law.
The spokesperson asked the international community to assist in rebuilding Afghanistan. He announced that a government will be constituted that will serve the nation. He said that the Afghan nation will witness positive changes in the country as the new government will work for the public interest.
He said that the war has ended and the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. He added that the Taliban is willing to see a united Afghanistan.
Mujahid said that women are an important part of any society and the Taliban respect women. Regarding media, he said that the Taliban will allow media to play its role, however, our religious and national values should be respected.
He said that the situation will return to its normal in Kabul soon. Taliban want a comprehensive Islamic governance system in Afghanistan. He added that the decision for Afghanistan flag will be taken after the establishment of the new government.


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