Usama Nadeem murder: Parents ask CJP to take suo motu notice of killing


The parents of 21-year-old Usama Nadeem want the Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed to take suo motu notice of thekilling of their son by the Islamabad police.

They rejected the police inquiry and demanded a judicial commission be made to investigate the killing.
Usama’s father, Nadeem Younus Satti, addressed a press conference on Tuesday. He said his son was murdered by the Islamabad police and it was not an accident.
He said his son was pulled out of the car and shot six times in the face, legs, head and chest.
“There are no signs of blood on the car seat,” Usama’s father said, questioning how the police could shoot someone in the leg from outside a car. He repeated that his son was deliberately shot dead.
“If the police were chasing him, how come there were bullet marks on the car’s bonnet and windshield?” he asked and quoted a senior police official as saying that the incident occurred because of police “carelessness”.
“It was nothing but murder,” the victim’s father said and demanded that the accused police officials be hanged.
“The Supreme Court must take a suo motu notice of the killing,” he said, adding that a free trial must be conducted as soon as possible.
Usama’s mother criticised Prime Minister Imran Khan and said he was not forming a New Pakistan but a ‘New Graveyard’ in the country.
“The prime minister should gun us down or provide us with justice,” she said.
“We are hopeless because the government is lieing on every step. My son was a friendly boy but the Islamabad police snatched him,” she said.
She said the police were changing their statement time and again and appealed to the Supreme Court for justice.


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