Thursday, February 2, 2023
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US dollar increases Rs1.76 against Pakistani rupee

Amidst panic triggered by the economic fallout of the global coronavirus outbreak, the United States dollar jumped against Pakistani rupee on the second consecutive day, on Tuesday.

According to forex dealers, the greenback edges up against the Pakistan Rupee (PKR) at the interbank by 1.76 rupees on Tuesday at the start of day’s trading.
The US Dollar is being traded in the interbank market at around 157.75 rupees.
The greenback on Monday appreciated by Rs2.34 to settle at Rs156.58 for the day in the inter-bank market as compared to the previous closing of Rs154.24.
A similar trend was witnessed on the open market where the dollar rose by Rs2.70 to trade at Rs157 against the local unit.
It is to be mentioned here that the number of people infected with the coronavirus has topped 110,000 globally as the outbreak reached more countries and caused more economic carnage.



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