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Ugly criminal, wanted for many murders Rana Sanaullah refused to face the JIT

Ugliest and most Uneducated person in the history of Pakistani politics ‘Rana Sanaullah’ bluntly refused to face JIT

As you might be aware that a person wanted for many murders, kidnapping, fake encounters, extortions, involved in many extrajudicial killings and fake encounters Rana Sanaullah has bluntly refused to face the JIT when he was asked to be present in front of them and answer some serious questions related to his crimes. The excuse this ugly guy gave is that the JIT is biased and he is not liable to be answering them anything.

This is Naya Pakistan, “A Changed” Pakistan where the PM claims he will make it a role model of the state of Madina. A joke with the people of Pakistan.

To the current government – who are you fooling?

Pakistani people are not that dumb (sorry to say) as you think and they are observing everything. Why there is no action against this criminal Rana Sanaullah, how he can refuse the court of law? Is there a law for these rich people?

If an average Pakistani citizen commits a petty crime, he is punished to the full extent of law and shoved into jail, many times with no apparent reason and simply because they don’t have money to pay the corrupt judges and police.

Why this government or judges don’t take any action against this ugly, filthy guy ‘Rana Sanaullah’ and arrest him at once for obstructing justice? Well, the answer is ‘never’ – as there is one law for poor and another law for rich.

Example of Madina State? What a joke been played with the people?

Please make Pakistan first a normal state, where at least there is only ONE law for all.

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