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Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ becomes most downloaded app on Apple Store: report

Truth Social app, the brainchild of former US President Donald Trump, has become the most downloaded app on the Apple app store just one day after it was initially launched.

Donald Trump has been banned from all major social media accounts for encouraging violence on Capitol Hill, India Today reported.
Shortly after its formal announcement, the Truth social app was made accessible on the Apple app store. On Monday, the app was the most popular free app on social media, the publication reported.
Users who pre-ordered the app before it was released were automatically given access to it. The app, on the other hand, had a bumpy trip. Users were unable to register their accounts due to technical difficulties. Many users were placed on a wait list with the following message: “We’ve added you to our waitlist due to high demand.”
After making incendiary statements on social media during the US 2020 elections, Trump was banned from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms, sparking rioting on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021. Truth Social’s CEO, Devin Nunes, a former Republican Party member, informed Fox News that the app would be available to a wider audience on the Apple app store. At the very least, it will be completely operational by the end of March in the United States.
“We’ll start rolling out on the Apple App Store this week. That’ll be fantastic since it’ll mean a huge increase in the number of individuals using the platform. I believe we will achieve our objective. At least within the United States, we’ll be completely operating by the end of March,” Nunes predicted.
Truth is a social media app akin to Twitter. On the social media network, users will be able to follow celebrities as well as regular people. Users will now be able to send personal notes to the people they follow through the app.
They can also retweet and comment on other people’s tweets. The app also includes a dark theme and the ability to create hashtags. The Truth social can easily be described as a Twitter clone.



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