Tourists protest Murree hoteliers and shopkeepers of overcharging, misbehaved and humiliated them


Several families who visited Murree over the weekend complained that the city’s shopkeepers, hotel agents, hoteliers and transporters misbehaved and humiliated them.

Several families protested against shopkeepers, hotel agents and hoteliers for overcharging them. Tourists accused Murree locals of charging them Rs600-800 as parking fee for only a duration of three to four hours.
Furthermore, they alleged that shopkeepers were overcharging for items from tourists right under the nose of the district administration. Families were seen looking for local administration officials to file complaints but could not find a single officer to do so.
Assistant Commissioner Zahid Hussain spoke to say that he will take action against ‘looters’ and will arrest people charging Rs600 to Rs800 parking fee. Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi Captain Anwar-ul-Haq said he will take a strict action against irresponsible officers.
A video on social media went viral a couple of years ago in which hotel agents in Murree could be seen harassing and beating up a tourist couple in the city.
The video had invited anger with social media users demanding the government take action against hotel agents, shopkeepers and transporters in the city overcharging tourists.


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