Tortured body of lawyer abducted in Faisalabad: wife blames DSP


A tortured body of a lawyer, abducted from Madina Town in Faisalabad, was recovered from Sadiqabad area of the Punjab province as his wife alleged that he was kidnapped by Deputy Superintendent of Police Masood.

The police said that the body bore the marks of torture and they have registered a kidnapping case on the complaint of the victim’s wife.
The victim has a property dispute with his mother and sisters, the police said adding that other than a wife, he was survived by a one-and-a-half-year daughter and a four-month son.
The wife blamed the DSP for her husband’s murder and claimed that she called emergency police number-15- at the time of the abduction but they did not respond.
Meanwhile, in a separate incident, a female lawyer, who was abducted from Okara on 14 August was thrown in an unconscious condition in Dipalpur city of Okara.
The accused remained successful in running away from the incident site after dumping her in an unconscious condition, the police.
The law enforcement authority termed it an incident over old enmity and said that they were further investigating the matter.


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