Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Lebanon Taps a New Prime Minister Amid Swirling Crises

The country’s president has designated a diplomat, Mustafa Adib, to form a government that must address an economic meltdown and the aftermath of...

Hezbollah downs Israeli drone in southern Lebanon

Hezbollah announced Saturday that it downed an Israeli drone that violated Lebanon’s airspace in the southern border area near Israel. ...

Lebanon president accepts PM Hassan resignation after Beirut blast

Lebanon's government has stepped down as Prime Minister Hassan Diab blamed endemic corruption for a devastating explosion last week that tore through the...

Lebanon: Information minister resigns after Beirut blast

Lebanon's information minister Manal Abdel Samad on Sunday resigned, becoming the first person from the government to resign since a deadly blast in...

Pakistan donates 8 tonnes of food, medicines supplies to Lebanon

Pakistan donated 8 tonnes of relief assistance comprising medicines and food to Lebanon as a token of solidarity for the victims of blasts...

Huge blast in Lebanon, 78 killed, nearly 4,000 injured

Lebanese rescue workers dug through the rubble looking for survivors of a powerful warehouse explosion that shook the capital Beirut, killing 78 people...

Lebanon reopens but crisis remains after PM resigns

The Lebanese government's resignation under pressure from the street looked set to ease a two-week-old nationwide lockdown but protesters vowed on Wednesday to...

Thousands stage nationwide strike in Lebanon amid fears of salary cuts

Thousands of people have staged a nationwide strike in Lebanon to express their deep resentment at Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri’s pledge for “difficult...