Supreme Court Finally Ruled in the Favor of Khadija Stabbing Case


Today was the victory for Khadija who was stabbed by a butcher class fellow in 2016 for more than 20 times and left her to die just because she turned down his proposal.

This man (Hussain) was arrested and sent to 7 Years in prison and later released and set free by rotting and corrupt judicial system ‘Lahore High Court (LHC)’.

Today CJP Asif Saeed Khosa overturned the decision of LHC and ordered immediate arrest of Hussain in stabbing case of Khadeeja. This was a great victory for Khadeeja and the women in Pakistan who are abused by these kind of low-life stalkers.

Shah Hussain will be immediately arrested if he’s not considered an absconder in this case. Police is looking for him.

Hopefully, this time the justice will be served and Hussain will not be released again after offering heavy bribe at a high level.


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