Skardu bound passenger coaster hit by a massive landsliding, at least 5 killed


A skardu bound Passenger coaster met an accident at Gilgit-Skardu road when it hit by a massive landsliding.

At least 10 People killed in an unfortunate accident happened at Gilgit-Skardu Road on sunday morning.
A passenger coaster bound to Skardu hit by a huge landsliding at Thangus area of Sub division Roundu.
According to Police 5 death bodies has been recovered so far.
Sources also said that least 15 people were present in the bus including the driver when incident took place.
Recue work underways at accident area, however, the officials fear the number of casualties may rise to 13.
The coaster number LES 590 had left rawalpindi yesterday morning and heading towards Skardu when it met the accident at Thangus area of Skardu district. 


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