Shameful Silence of Media on Dr. Shahid Masood Release

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Pakistani Media is shamefully quiet on the release of Dr. Shahid Masood and not a single channel or anchor person provided any details of his release in their live shows except for maybe one.

This shows the jealousy and their envy towards Dr. Shahid Masood, but there is bad news for all the corrupt anchor persons acting like innocent that they are up next.

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Release of Dr. Shahid Masood and return of his show back on-air means that corrupt media mafia, working on foreign agenda to destroy Pakistan is now be next coming under the knife of Justice and very soon.

Here are the few names which we are anticipating to go first:

  1. Kamran Khan
  2. Javed Chaudhry
  3. Hamid Mir (copy of Mir Jaffar)
  4. Saleem Saafi
  5. Talat Hussain

These five will go first then then the other wiesel will die down on their own.

So, Mr Kamran Khan, get ready to provide documents and supporting income for Dubai villas and Doleman Center shops ownership proofs, where did you made them all?


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