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‘Sellouts, come back,’ Sheikh Rasheed tells disgruntled PTI MPs

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed on Friday urged all disgruntled PTI MPs who have sought refuge in Sindh House ahead of the no-confidence motion to return, assuring them that no action will be taken against them.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad following a PTI consultative meeting with PM Imran Khan, he claimed that the political situation that was worsening a few days ago is now moving towards “stability.”
“I appeal all sellouts to comeback and fight according to the constitution,” he said.
He further said that keeping in view the ongoing political situation in the country, a summary regarding the imposition of the governor’s rule in Sindh was presented to Prime Minister Imran Khan today but no decision has been taken yet on it.
“Ten days from March 24 to April 3 will witness heightened political activity in the country,” Rasheed said, adding that therefore 2,000 Rangers and FC personnel will be deployed in the federal capital.
Highlighting the challenges, he said the interior ministry has immense responsibilities because of the two political rallies to be held on March 25 and March 27.
The interior minister asked the disgruntled PTI lawmakers to consult with their constituents on what they thought about their decision of abandoning the party.
“I appeal to them to return [to PTI],” he said. “All those who have been sold should return to the party,” he added, assuring them that “no one will say anything to you”.
“If they did not return to the PTI, the MNAs would regret their decision,” Rasheed said, adding that legal details will be revealed by the Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry as the govt is taking the matter to the court.
The minister said that the government has the same information that has been reported by the media.
He said that the same would be taken to the Supreme Court and the reference will be based on it.
Rasheed once again urged the disgruntled members to return, questioning them why are they hiding. Comparing the Sindh House in Islamabad with Pakistan Foreign Exchange (PSX), he said that the government would not conduct a raid on the building.
“I hope that MQM-P will support PM Imran Khan,” Rasheed said.
Taking a jibe at the Opposition, Rasheed said that they talk about forming a national government and challenged them to do so.
“Imran Khan would make your lives difficult,” the minister told PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif, who a few days ago had proposed a national government sans PTI.
“PM Imran Khan should be given a chance, he would bring change in the country.”
He went on to say that his job is not to convince anyone, it is PTI’s job.
“I’m not going to convince anyone […] everyone would make their own decision,” he said, adding that no one is threatening anybody.
Rasheed said that the international investors don’t want Pakistan to have an independent foreign policy.
Speaking about Pakistan Democratic Movement’s (PDM) rally on March 25, he said that we should decide the route mutually. He further added that he has asked DC Islamabad to discuss this issue with the organisers of the Opposition and PTI.



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