Saifullah Abro challenges rejection of nomination papers


Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) candidate Saifullah Abro on Wednesday challenged the rejection of his nomination papers for the forthcoming Senate elections.

He filed an appeal before the Sindh High Court, assailing its appellate tribunal’s decision that declared the acceptance of his papers by the returning officer (RO) as void.
The PTI candidate said the tribunal handed the verdict without careful consideration of facts. He said he is eligible to get elected as a technocrat as he fullfils the criteria laid down for the Senate seat. A two-judge bench of the SHC is likely to hear his appeal later today.
Saifullah Abro had filed nomination papers on a PTI ticket to contest the Senate election from Sindh on a technocrat seat. His nomination papers were approved by the returning officer but challenged in the appellate tribunal of the high court.
As many as eight appeals were filed against the decisions of the returning officer over acceptance and rejection of the Senate nomination papers from Sindh.
Two appeals were filed against PTI candidate on technocrat seat Saifullah Abro by GM Khan and Shahid Ali, while an appeal was also filed against the acceptance of PTI’s Faisal Vawda’s nomination papers for a general seat by Qadir Khan Madokhail.


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