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Rift surfaces between KP chief minister, governor

Rifts between Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister (CM) Mehmood Khan and Governor Farman Shah emerged on Saturday after the governor sought control of three departments of tribal districts, however faced resistance from the chief minister.

According to details, the basic reason behind crevice is headship of communication, local bodies and home departments which are being asked for by Shah Farman but the chief minister declined such a move.
Sources further added that Prime Minister Imran Khan directed KP CM and provincial cabinet to expedite the development projects in erstwhile FATA but some provincial ministers decided against giving the rights of three departments to governor.
Provincial senior minister Atif Khan said that everyone should exercise his power as interference would create certain issues.
He further stated that split over the distribution of power would affect reforms in the tribal areas.
“Governor and CM should exercise their own mandate within constitutional powers,” he went on to say.
On the hand, another reason of rift is levies ACT in tribal areas but government wants to establish parallel system between Levies and police but Inspector General Police Salahuddin Khan and Chief Secretary opposed this decision as both have been removed from their posts.
Later, Shah Farman declined such reports and maintained that there were no conflicts at all.
“CM reserves authority to transfer any official. We are on one page for the development and prosperity of the tribal areas,” he said.



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