Ramazan Bazars purpose to provide relief to poor and common men: Minister Mian Aslam

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Punjab Minister for Industries and Trade Mian Aslam Iqbal on Saturday warned that no compromise would be made on the quality and weight of the items that would be sold in the Ramazan bazars.

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Presided over a meeting of Cabinet Committee for Price Control, Mian Aslam said that the purpose of establishing Ramazan Bazars was to provide relief to poor and common men.
He said that useful consultation had been made with poultry association, flour mills association, sugar mills association and other trader organizations in connection with the Ramazan bazars.
According to a statement issued by Directorate General Public Relations today, the minister said that 19-items will be available at subsidized rate at fair price shops set up in Ramazan bazars.
He told the meeting that sugar mills association agreed to provide sugar at the rate of Rs.54 kg in Ramazan Bazars.
The meeting decided to establish additional Ramazan bazars in the province for the provision of relief to common men and the utility stores will also be used for this purpose.
The minister directed to improve the system of market committees and make them fully functional.
He said such a mechanism would be evolved for the provision of wheat to flour mills that only the common men can take benefit from it.
He said that there was no issue of shortage of wheat and sugar, therefore, no one would be allowed to create artificial shortage.
Mian Aslam Iqbal has said that the Punjab government would establishing Ramazan Bazars across the province.

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