Punjab withdraws restrictions after decrease in Covid-19 curve


The government of Punjab has notified withdrawal of all restrictions after decreasing curve of coronavirus cases in the province

Secretary Primary and Secondary Healthcare has notified withdrawal of the restrictions imposed in the province under Punjab Infectious Diseases (Prevention and Control) Ordinance 2020.
The restriction of limited working hours for business activities and leisure places has been withdrawn under the notification. Moreover, the condition of 50 percent staff of offices working at homes has also been taken back, according to the notification.
“The shrines will also open their doors in the province from March 15,” Secretary Health retired Capt. Muhammad Usman has said in a statement.
The Punjab government had ordered all shopping malls, restaurants, shops, and marriage halls to shut by 10 pm amid increasing number of the Covid cases. It had also ordered to close public parks and recreational spots by 6:00 pm.
The provincial government had also imposed a ban on indoor dining in restaurants, cafes and hotels across the province.
The healthcare department had also directed the hotels to ensure social distancing as per coronavirus precautions.
The government also imposed micro-smart lockdowns in the areas found to have increasing number of the COVID-19 cases reported.


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