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Punjab Govt rejects application of Nawaz for extension in bail

The Punjab government on Tuesday rejected the application of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif for extension in bail, stating that the PML-N supremo has failed to provide the required medical reports.

Law Minister Raja Basharat while addressing a press conference alongside provincial health minister Dr Yasmin Rashid and information minister Fayyazul Hassan Chohan said the government had repeatedly asked the PML-N leader to furnish his reports.
“He has not been admitted to any hospital since he went to London for treatment. We have repeatedly asked his physician Dr Adnan Khan about the cardiac procedure. Dr Adnan failed to give any particular date,” Basharat said.
“The Islamabad High Court had given eight weeks to Nawaz. In the last 16 weeks we have not received any new reports from London,” he added.
The Punjab law minister added that a special board was constituted by the chief minister which kept requesting for fresh reports.
“After seven to eight observations, the board asked for new reports, however, the response we received from them was that the reports that had already been sent were conclusive and a decision should be taken on them,” he noted.
“Since no new reports were sent, the Punjab cabinet reached a decision on them and decided not to extend the bail,” Basharat said.
He added, “Rana Sanaullah came on the media a few days ago and said Nawaz would undergo a cardiac procedure on February 24, however, when we asked Dr Adnan, he refused to share a specific date and said the operation would be lined up in the next two to three weeks.”
The law minister further said in light of the reports they had, the Punjab government took the decision to not extend the bail. “We will now write to the federal government about the Punjab government’s decision. The federal government will decide on further course of action.”
Health Minister Yasmeen Rashid said Nawaz has been in a stable condition since he left. “We have not received any fresh reports from Nawaz Sharif since he went to UK”, she said.



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