Punjab Governor denies reports linking to rift wiht PML-Q


Punjab Governor on a question over PM Imran’s derogatory remarks on Bilawal Bhutto said that media has been sold out but later apologized for his remarks on media here on Saturday.

Addressing to the inauguration ceremony of the water filtration plant in Okara he on a question by a journalist over PM Imran’s sexist remarks said that media has been sold out as it is a small thing which can be neglected.
Punjab Governor, later on, went out to clarify that it was a tongue slip and he was willing to say that news is being sold but misquoted due to slip of tongue and for that, I apologize with the journalists and said that please don’t make it an issue.
Chaudhry Sarwar said that the dinner which was planned at the Governor House was in the honour of Party ticket holders and Jahangir Tareen wasn’t attended because of his presence in Islamabad.
Sarwar also denied the reports linking to a rift between him the leadership of Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q).


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