PTI MNA Aamir Liaquat announces to submit his resignation to PM Khan


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), MNA Aamir Liaquat Hussain has decided to resign over his failure to solve issues of his constituency.

In his tweet, Aamir Liaquat Hussain confessed that he is a helpless MNA of Karachi who is unable to provide electricity to the people of the city. He added that he cannot witness suffering of people of Karachi and his constituency. 

میں اعتراف کرتا ہوں میں کراچی کا ایک بے بس ایم این اے ہوں… اپنے شہر کے لوگوں کو بجلی فراہم کروانے سے قاصر ہوں… مجھ سے کراچی اور بالخصوص اپنے حلقے کے لوگوں کا تڑپنا سسکنا اور مونس علوعی کے جھوٹ سہنا نہیں دیکھا جاتا وَیراعظم سے وقت مانگا ہے مل کر انہیں استعفی پیش کردوں گا
— Aamir Liaquat Husain (@AamirLiaquat) July 16, 2020
He also announced that he has asked for a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan to submit his resignation.
It may be noted that in 2018, Aamir Liaquat had also complained that he was not invited to a meeting in Governor House where the newly appointed governor met all of party’s MNAs and MPAs from city and was deliberately being sidelined due to his stringent views on issues people of the city are facing.


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