PTI government is sacking labours, Says Bilawal Bhutto


Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Thursday warned attempt to introduce presidential form of the government in Pakistan will lead to severe consequences.

Speaking to the news men outside the Parliament House, the PPP leader said economic condition of the country is visible to everyone, people are facing hardships due to high inflation rate, PTI government is sacking labours, he contented.
Bilawal warned, if there is no relief for the people in the budget, they will come out on the streets themselves.
He lamented that the incumbent government has failed and carrying out political victimisation of the opponents in the country.
Commenting on Prime Minister’s remarks about “sahiba”, he said “Referring to a man as a woman does not harm the man but what sort of message does this send to the women of Pakistan? He is only insulting himself.
Addressing a public gathering in Wana yesterday, Prime Minister Imran Khan had said “I have come forward after a lot of struggle unlike Bilawal Bhutto Sahiba (Ms Bilawal Bhutto) who took over his party (PPP) over a will (left by her dying mother).”


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