President Alvi, wife get vaccinated against coronavirus in Islamabad


Pakistan’s President Dr Arif Alvi and his wife, Samina Alvi, on Monday got vaccinated against COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, at a vaccination centre here in the federal capital’s Tarlai area.

President Arif Alvi also spoke on the occasion, saying vaccines were being administered according to age in Pakistan. “The elites around the world broke the lines and got themselves vaccinated,” he said, according to the President House’s Twitter account.

پاکستان میں عمر کے حساب سے اپنی باری پر ویکسین لگائی جارہی ہے، صدر مملکتمیں نے 1166 پر رجسٹر کیا اور نمبر آنے پر ویکسین لگوائی، صدر مملکتحکومت نے ویکسینیشن کا آسان اور بہترین نظام بنایا ہے، صدر مملکتویکسین ملنے کے باوجود احتیاط جاری رکھیں، صدر مملکت
— The President of Pakistan (@PresOfPakistan) March 15, 2021
“I registered at 1166 and got vaccinated when my turn came,” he said, adding that the PTI government had developed a “simpler and better vaccination system” across Pakistan.
The president advised the nation to continue ahead with caution despite receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. “Please continue wearing masks, wash your hands, and keep your distance in view of the third wave of the coronavirus,” he stated.
He also lauded the PTI regime’s efforts and strategies in light of the pandemic, saying the government’s smart lockdown policy “reduced economic losses”.


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