PM Imran says every family in KP to be given Rs1 million health insurance


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said that every family in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will be able to avail up to Rs1 million for treatment as they will be given health insurance by the government.

PM Imran was addressing the Sehat Insaf Card programme ceremony, where he congratulated the provincial government over the inauguration of the scheme.
“The major reason for people living below the poverty line is illness,” the premier said, explaining that due to a single person’s illness in a family, the entire budget of a family is affected.
The premier said that the government is trying to replicate and enforce the model in Punjab.
PM Imran expressed hope that other provinces will also follow KP’s lead and introduce health insurance.
“People in Sindh will also demand that they get health insurance,” he said, adding that the hospitals will also be pressured to perform better due to the health card.
He said that the health card scheme will ensure that facilities will be within the reach of smaller cities and villages.
“It should be ensured that everyone has a health card so a database can be formed. With the database the health expenditure can be monitored.”
Earlier in the day, the Prime Minister’s Office said KP would be the first province where every family would be given a health insurance facility.
The Sehat Insaf Card would entitle the beneficiary family to avail the medical treatment of up to Rs1 million in government as well as private hospitals.
Earlier, in the first phase, around 40% of KP families were provided the health insurance facility. Later on, the prime minister directed that the scope of the facility be extended across the province for the benefit of all families.


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