PM Imran orders crackdown on wheat hoarders


In an effort to ensure availability of wheat flour at reasonable rates across the country, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday ordered a massive crackdown on hoarders.

Presiding over a high-level meeting to review the wheat and flour supply situation in the country, PM Imran ordered to launch crackdown against elements involved in wheat hoarding across the country.
He directed the provincial chief secretaries to continue the policy of zero-tolerance against adulteration and not to make any concessions in this regard.
The prime minister ordered to ensure complete prevention of wheat smuggling. He directed that comprehensive administrative measures should be taken to further improve inter-provincial coordination.
He asked the Sindh chief secretary to finalize the wheat release policy in the province as soon as possible keeping in view the experience of the last year.
The PM directed that the plan for implementation of the decision to import wheat to meet the future needs of wheat and flour be finalized as soon as possible.
Earlier on July 6, Prime Minister Imran Khan had directed the authorities to ensure availability of wheat at reasonable price across the country.
Presiding over a high-level meeting, PM Imran had directed to ensure wheat’s obstacle free inter-province movement and had added that unhindered availability of the commodity was the top priority of the government.


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