PM Imran Khan happy expats’ response to Roshan Digital Accounts ‘accelerating’


Prime Minister Imran Khan appreciated on Thursday the overseas Pakistanis for their overwhelming response to the Roshan Digital Accounts initiative by the government.

He announced that the deposit amount in the Roshan Digital accounts had crossed $200 million.
He said the Pakistani expats are “great assets”The pace is accelerating: first $100 mn came in 76 days and the next $100 mn came in only 28 days,” the Prime Minister wrote on Twitter.
Roshan Digital Account enables overseas Pakistanis to operate digital accounts in Pakistan while sitting abroad.
The Pakistani government aims to attract investment from the diaspora to bolster foreign exchange reserves from this initiative
State Bank tweeted that funds remitted through Roshan Digital Accounts crossed the $200 million mark. Since the launch of the initiative three months ago, over 59,000 accounts have been opened by overseas pakistanis in 91 countries, 


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