PM Imran Khan going nowhere with your ‘copied’ Minar-e-Pakistan rally, Sheikh Rashid tells Opposition


In his first press conference after being appointed Minister for Interior, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Friday lambasted the Pakistan Democratic Movement and said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is not going anywhere, not in the least with a “copied” Minar-e-Pakistan rally.

He claimed that if this is the sort of the Opposition that will go to the elections next term, PM Imran Khan will emerge the victor once again.
He said that if the Opposition has deluded itself into thinking that they will be able to “copy Imran Khan” and hold a massive rally at Minar-e-Pakistan, “they must know that Imran Khan was blessed and rose to the top, whereas the Minar-e-Pakistan rally will only be the political downfall of the Opposition”.
The minister said that if the Opposition wishes to “march to Islamabad”, they are welcome.
“We, too, staged a sit-in here for 126 days. It made no difference whatsoever,” he said, also criticising the choice of winter months for a protest.
Sheikh Rashid said for the sake of “saving their children” the leaders of Opposition parties sought nationalities of other countries. “When your own children cry (injustice), you are pained to see that, but when the child of a poor man is ill with the virus, it is [but the mere inconvenience of] a headache for you,” he said to the Opposition.
He said any efforts to bring down Pakistan’s economy will fail.
Sheikh Rashid, also declared that he, as interior minister, stands behind “all Islamic forces” and “will be their voice”.
“All our madressahs stand as the pillars of Islam,” he added.
The minister said that there is no danger to Pakistan from the borders due to our valiant soldiers stationed there and at the ready.
“This country is at risk from factors at play within. There is foreign investment being made in the country so chaos can spread and those who are doing so will fail,” he said.
He criticised the Opposition for creating hurdles in the way of “the politics of truth”.
“They say they will not speak to the prime minister. Then whom do you wish to speak to?” he asked, before adding: “They only wish to save their ill-gotten wealth and rid themselves of cases.”
In a cryptic message before wrapping up his address, he said: “On December 14, 15, 16 we will bring good news for Prime Minister Imran Khan. There will be nothing but success for the government and failure for this lot.”


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