PM Imran Khan directs spokespersons to highlight govt’s achievements


Prime Minister Imran Khan has called upon spokespersons to highlight the government’s achievements so far, stressing that the government’s performance will be visible to the masses in the days to come.

The prime minister’s comments came during a meeting he chaired of the party’s spokespersons, where he spoke to them on several matters and directed them to promote the government’s works.
The premier said the government was taking “serious” steps to curb inflation, as he vowed the regime would not let the “satta” (gambling) mafia thrive in the country.
During the meeting, Special Assistant to PM on Interior and Accountability Shahzad Akbar also provided a briefing on the government’s legislation on basic commodities, while Finance Minister Hammad Azhar spoke about the country’s economic situation.
“We have fixed the price of sugar,” the prime minister said, as he told the members of the meeting that the government was legislating on stabilising the prices of basic commodities.
“The government will take indiscriminate action against people involved in artificially hiking prices,” the premier vowed.
The premier, giving another task to party leaders and spokespersons, said they should keep an eye on inflation.
Following the meeting, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said the prime minister had directed government officials to provide relief to the people during the Holy month of Ramadan.
“The prices of basic food items will be available at lower rates,” the interior minister said, speaking to the media, adding the premier had also directed to ensure flour, sugar, and other food commodities are available at cheaper rates during the Holy month.
On the political front, Rashid said the prime minister had asked the government representatives to avoid fearing the Opposition. “The Opposition poses no threat for the government,” he said.


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