PM Boris Johnson makes British Pakistani Lord trade envoy to Singapore


The British Government has appointed Lord Aamer Sarfraz as Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Trade Envoy to Singapore to promote British interests and trade ties between the two countries.

The UK Government’s Department for International Trade announced the appointment of a British Pakistani House of Lords member’s appointment at the important position.
It congratulated Lord Aamer Sarfraz and MP Graham Stuart for their appointments. The Department For International Trade said: “Congratulations to Graham Stuart and Lord Sarfraz who have been appointed as two new PM trade envoys. They will engage with their overseas markets to identify trade and investment opportunities for British businesses.”
The UK exports minister said in a tweet: “We’ve appointed two new PM trade envoys to strengthen trade and investment relationships and promote British business interests. Graham Stuart to Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos and Lord Sarfraz to Singapore.”
British High Commissioner to Singapore Kara Owen welcomed Lord Sarfraz’s appointment and said: “Delighted to welcome Lord Sarfraz as our new trade envoy to Singapore following fantastic progress on trade and digital economy agreements in 2021, we look forward to working together to create more partnerships, jobs and growth in 2022.”
Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner Natalia Black said she looked forward to working with “our two new Trade Envoys for the Asia Pacific – Graham Stuart and Lord Sarfraz”.


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