PM asks Punjab govt to support open private-organization in wellbeing part


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday directed the Punjab government to encourage private sector partnership for the improvement in the healthcare system.

Presiding over a meeting on the upgradation of health sector in Punjab in Islamabad today, PM Imran said that partnership with the private sector in the health sector and its encouragement is the top priority of the government and every possible facility will be provided in this regard.
He directed that special attention be paid to modernization and organized operation of hospitals, especially the newly established health centers.
The prime minister mentioned the measures taken by the federal government regarding concessions in import of machinery for hospitals and provision of evacuee property on concessional rates to hospitals and educational institutions.
He said it is unfortunate that availability of quality healthcare facilities was neglected in the past, especially in the less developed areas of Punjab. PM Imran emphasized on paying special attention to maternal and childcare health centers as these facilities are inadequate in these areas.
“Special focus should be made on construction of quality health facilities and hospitals in the province as well as better management of existing hospitals and provision of facilities in them,” he added.


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