PIA’s operational affairs up to international standards: Canada


PIA’s operational affairs up to international standards: CanadaThe operational services of the Pakistan International Airlines are up to international standards, according to an audit report completed by Transport Canada.

Transport Canada had conducted a safety audit of PIA called ‘Safety Validation and Airworthiness Audit’ from August 24, 2020 to September 24, 2020.

PIA has conducted corrective actions to address the findings generated by Transport Canada Foreign Operations Division Airworthiness Audit of Specific ICAO Airworthiness elements dated August 26, 2020, Transport Canada said in its report.

The Canadian government department hoped that PIA will maintain its efficiency of flight operations.

PIA has enhanced flight safety performance, the report stated.

Transport Canada said it will continue to carry out surveillance and oversight activities of PIA operations in Canada which will allow Transport Canada to evaluate the effectiveness of long term corrective action plans by PIA.


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