Palestinian ambassador thanks Pakistan for support, solidarity in wake of Israeli aggression


Palestinian Ambassador Ahmed Rabei on Sunday conveyed his gratitude on behalf of the Palestinian people for the solidarity and support shown to the Palestinian cause by the Pakistani people, government and political leadership.

In a statement, Rabei said: “On behalf of the Palestinian people […] let me express our sincere gratitude to the brotherly people of Pakistan […] for their solidarity with the Palestinians, for their courageous efforts to support our cause for a free and independent state of Palestine.
“I want to convey my heartfelt gratitude for their remarkable efforts to support the Palestinian freedom and condemn the Israeli atrocities being carried out against innocent and unarmed Palestinians while urging the international community to take concrete and immediate steps for the resolution of the Palestine issue,” he said.
He added that Pakistan’s efforts for speaking up and pushing for an emergency session of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and for the UN General Assembly were “greatly appreciated”.
“Pakistan played an important role in building, steering the discussion and building a consensus. This historical act will be remembered, not only by the Palestinians, but by the entire world,” he wrote.
The ambassador added that Palestine Solidarity Day — which was observed on May 21 — as well as the unanimous resolution passed by the National Assembly condemning Israel’s systematic oppression of the Palestinians would also not be forgotten.
“I convey warm regards to many delegates from the government, parliament, Pakistani non-governmental organisations and from different parties who have visited the embassy to express their solidarity.
“We thank you all for sparing your valuable time in order to show solidarity with us during this difficult time that we went through due to the series of attacks by Israeli occupation forces on innocent people, illegal settlement of the Israelis, and forced evictions of Palestinians.
“All these acts are serious violations of human rights and International law. It’s a real humanitarian crisis,” said the ambassador.
“I am extremely grateful to all the people of Pakistan for the unwavering support you have given to Palestinians, your message of unity has strengthened and encouraged the spirits and boosted the morale of the beleaguered Palestinians.
“Although the war on Gaza ended but our struggle to get our freedom continues. By working with our Pakistani brothers side-by-side we will free Palestine and and we all will pray together in Al Aqsa mosque in Al Quds Al Sharif, the capital of Palestine,” said Rabei.


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