Pakistan will respond with full force to any Indian aggression: Asif Ghafoor


Pakistan military spokesperson, Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (DG-ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor on Monday warned India to refrain from any misadventure against Pakistan.

“Keep this in your mind, this is not 1971. The Pakistani military is fully capable of a befitting response through the support of its 207 million nation. You had once said that the nuclear assets were not for Diwali. You may test us as we are fully prepared.”
Major General Asif Ghafoor was addressing a press conference in Rawalpindi over national security and escalation between Pakistan and India.
Ghafoor, in its opening statement, said, “This press conference aims to brief the current scenario of overall national security and recent escalation between Pakistan and India.”

 “We had earlier talked about tensions between both countries on February 21 when allegations were levelled by India after Pulwama attack. We’d replied New Delhi that Pakistan has no involvement in Pulwama attack,” he said.
“[Later,] India had violated our border which was responded from the Pakistani side. Two months are spent after February but India is continuously lying [on this issue].”
“Pakistan is a responsible state which brought up the truth. Our country is consistently delivering truth and it will continue the same pattern in future as well,” he clarified.
While reminding previous attacks carried out in India, the spokesperson reminded that terror attacks on police officials took place in the past, whenever it was going through elections’ phase.
“We had facilitated local and foreign journalists to visit the area which was claimed to be attacked by India and casualties of 300 people. However, India had stepped back from its statement for this claim.”
Mr Ghafoor offered India to provide a live demonstration of the missile which drills into roof before explosions to prove its claims.
He added, “The whole world has witnessed that we have shot down two Indian fighter jets over violation of ceasefire line in the daylight. On the other hand, India had crashed its own M-17 helicopter due to hear of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and later vanished it.”
“Not only vanishing it, but the neighbouring country had also disappeared its black box besides pushing its inquiry into delay after elections.”
He further said, “We had already clarified that Pakistan captured one pilot but not two. We will reveal further details regarding ammunition storages to the world soon.”
He slammed India over running propaganda against Pakistan. Ghafoor said, “India had claimed to change the attitude of Pakistan, now the world is witnessing changes in its own behaviour. You [India] have now conferring awards to your soldiers like us. Even, you have used our song for your election campaign.”


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