Pakistan Railways slashes ticket prices by 5, 10 percents across AC classes


Pakistan Railways slashed ticket charges by 10 percent across all AC Business and 5 percent across all AC Standard classes, on Saturday.

The concession in tickets for both the AC Standard class and AC Business class shall reflect from Sept 21 throughout the department.
Moreover, the department announced the restoration of dining restaurant cars across all the express trains from Sept 14.It said the dining restaurant cars were restricted earlier in the wake of COVID-19 breakout. However, now the passengers can avail breakfast, lunch and tea among other edibles from their express trains.
The cut shall reflect from Sept 21 in both the AC Business classes and the AC Standard class.
In another development, announced by the department the same day, Pakistan Railways decided on Saturday to launch two new railway trajectories from Lahore, each to Narowal and to Sahiwal destinations.
The train from Lahore, called Faiz Ahmed Faiz, shall embark on its journey to Narowal at 06:30 PM to conclude its journey at 08:55.
The return will take place from Narowal at 05:30 AM to arrive at Lahore by 07:50 AM.
Another train, Lasani Express, will be from Lahore en route to Sahiwal which will be scheduled to leave Lahore 03:45 PM and to arrive at destination by 07:45 PM.
Lasani Express shall depart from Sahiwal at 06:00 AM and will reach Lahore by 09:55 AM, according to the department.
The purpose of operating passenger trains between these destinations is to expedite the travel for the labour class, the department said.
Keeping in view the improved coronavirus situation across the country, Pakistan Railways earlier announced to restore six more passenger trains from 17th of August
According to a spokesperson for PR, Hazara Express, Fareed Express, Rehman Express, Moenjo Daro Passenger would resume their operations


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