Pakistan has left no stone unturned in raising Kashmiris’ plight: DG ISPR


The chief of the Pakistan Army’s media wing, Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar, is addressing a press conference.

The director general of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) started the news conference by speaking about Indian oppression in occupied Kashmir.
“Azaadi is a huge blessing,” he said. “Ask about the importance of freedom from the mother of an occupied Kashmir resident that buries her son with the Pakistan flag.”
“In occupied Kashmir, the inhumane siege has continued for one year. Genocide is being done and human rights are being violated through India’s state terrorism in the occupied [region].
“Under a pre-planned, thought-out plan, India by changing the demography of the region is trying to evict the Muslims living there,” Maj Gen Iftikhar said.
“There is no atrocity left which the Kashmiris have not witnessed. Youths are being martyred and being buried in unnamed places in the name of counter-terrorism.”
He noted that the targeting of Kashmiris with pellet guns by the Indian forces has become the norm while the region’s local leadership has been kept in detention for one year.
“The Government of Pakistan at all regional and international forums has raised awareness on the Kashmir issue and voices against the oppression are reverberating in the world’s corridors.”
Genocide Watch and international media have unmasked India’s actions in the occupied valley while the United Nations secretary general has stressed human rights in Kashmir, the DG ISPR said.
He said Pakistan has “left no stone unturned” in raising Kashmiris’ plight before the world.


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