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Owner spends 10,000 yuan on double eyelid operation for her cat

While most people think that cats are cute enough as is, one woman in the city of Nanjing decided to “improve upon” her kitty’s appearance by making it go under the knife.

At a cost of 10,000 yuan ($1,500), a local vet reportedly performed “double eyelid surgery,” a procedure that is typically undergone by Asian women who want to make their eyes look bigger, on the animal. The owner had believed that her cat’s eyes were “ugly” and wanted to make her pet “prettier.”
Images broadcast by a local television station in Jiangsu province show the poor kitty with eyes that are red and swollen with a line of stitches under each one and a protective cone around its neck.
The station spoke to various vets in the area who reacted differently to the operation. One worker at a local pet hospital claimed that the double-eyelid operation was a common one for dog owners who wanted their pooches to compete in pageants. Another vet said that she would never perform such a “senseless” procedure on a pet.
Though kitty eyelid operations are not always purely superficial. Back in 2017, one stray cat in Chengdu became a viral sensation after going under the knife. The “double eyelid surgery” was not cosmetic but instead aimed at correcting Feifei’s dangerously droopy eyelids which were in danger of causing infection.



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