Opposition to submit resolution against Sadiq Sanjrani today


Opposition will move a resolution on Tuesday against Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani to Senate Secretary.

The 11-member opposition’s anti-government Rahbar Committee had announced consensus to remove the chairman Senate.
The resolution requires signature of 26 senators, who will reach the parliament premises around 11:30am.
The Rahbar committee will hold a second session on July 11, where it will likely announce the name of joint candidate for the post of Chairman Senate.
The recently formed committee is made up of nine opposition parties and held its first meeting in Islamabad. In the first meeting, it took an oath of confidentiality and formulated a policy to run anti-government movement.
The Rahbar Committee also gave approval to elect a new Senate chairman from the party with the majority, the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N).
The PML-N was considering the names of Raja Zafarul Haq and Musadik Malik along with two others for the post of Senate chairman.
It was learnt that during a session it was decided that PML-N would leave the position of opposition leader after the chairmanship of Senate. The Rahbar Committee also mulled over the name of the new opposition leader in Senate.


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