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Javed Chaudhry, one of the most corrupt and fraud journalist in the history of Pakistan

Javed Chaudhry is one of the most corrupt, fraud and ugly looking journalist in the history of Pakistan. We will not say he’s is the only one because there are too many, but Javed Chaudhry will definitely make the top 5 mark.

Earlier in 2018, he was seen giving a lecture to university students in some kind of seminar or a conference. We happened to watched this episode on YouTube and within few minutes of watch time, it was obvious that this man DOES NOT know anything at all on the subject and he was conning his audience on the stage and speaking nonsense.

Chaudhry is a special member of Nawaz’s team and he ties back to RAW, an Indian spy agency. He receives foreign funding and kickbacks to produce material which destroy the image of Pakistan and create hopelessness among people of Pakistan.

It is our open challenge to this criminal Javed Chaudhry that if he has courage then give us a live interview and we will prove with evidence that he is a traitor of the country and corrupt most journalist in the history of Pakistan.

Enjoying in Europe with some women:

Javed Chaudhry ScandalHe used to ride an Honda 70 motorbike in Punjab just a decade ago, no one used to publish his columns and he begs newspapers to give him some space in the newspaper for a column. Then within a decade, all of a sudden he became a millionaire, went to United States and other western countries to learn from his masters and purchased properties especially in the United States.

It is an absolute shame for the Pakistani universities and colleges that they invite him to give lectures to the kids, this guy is illiterate, corrupt and his hands are all dirty in taking bribe and kickbacks for defaming Pakistan and supporting criminals, what lecture he can give to the students?



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