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Corrupt Chaudhry Nisar says ‘No country can progress without political stability’

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Former Corrupt and involved in money laundering with Nawaz and Zardari, a millionaire, former Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar on Saturday has said that no country can progress without political stability.

Addressing a press conference in Rawalpindi, Chaudhry Nisar said that instant accountability process will be seen as revenge if reservations of opposition parties are not removed.

It’s impossible to run a government without opposition, he continued.
The ex-minister said that Modi government does not aspire good relations with Pakistan. Apologetic requests for dialogue with India is against country s honor, he added.

Chaudhry Nisar said that Saudi Arabia and China’s bail-out packages will merely serve as timely solution to curb economical crisis.

Moreover, he said that he has reservations on election results due to which he is not accepting them.



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