Nawaz’s medical reports were not fudged: Dr Yasmin Rashid


Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid categorically rejected the assumption that Nawaz Sharif’s medical reports had not been fudged, adding that the former prime minister’s samples were independently verified and the results matched the ones obtained by the government’s labs.

Speaking to a private channel on Sunday, she said: “I don’t think anything of the sort happened (Nawaz’s medical reports being fudged), samples were properly verified not only from labs operated by the government but independently as well,” she said.
She said that the Punjab government had shared these reports with the media as well, implying that no foul play had taken place.
However, the minister said that the PML-N leadership submitted Nawaz’s old medical reports in court six weeks after he arrived in London for treatment.
Nawaz’s personal doctor has not forwarded latest medical reports of the former premier so far, she added. The provincial minister said the cabinet had directed Nawaz to fly back to Pakistan after he presented incomplete medical reports. She slammed the PML-N, saying the party has made quite a fuss about Nawaz’s health.
“We diagnosed Nawaz’s ailments and began his treatment but he had the intention of going abroad from the start,” she added.
Nawaz first said he will consult his personal physician and then demanded that he be allowed to have treatment abroad, Dr Yasmin said, adding that he declined an offer to get treatment at a private hospital in the country.
She said that the provincial government provided medical treatment to a ‘culprit’ in an ethical manner.
Dr Yasmin continued that despite facilitating the former prime minister, the PML-N was issuing statements against the government regarding Nawaz’s health.
“If Nawaz Sharif had returned on time, and most importantly if he had had any treatment there, then all these doubts would not have arisen,” she said.


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