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MUST WATCH Naseeruddin Shah’s short clip where he declines to backtrack on comments about prejudice in India


In spite of confronting serious analysis over comments about rising narrow mindedness in India, senior Bollywood artist Naseeruddin Shah has completely said he has no second thoughts about saying what he said.

While noting an inquiry in a meeting with Rajdeep Saredesai, a senior Indian columnist, Shah said ” I have no second thoughts about saying what I said. I don’t backpedal on whatever I stated, I don’t backtrack by any stretch of the imagination, I don’t guarantee that I was misquoted either, in light of the fact that everyone who wishes to backtrack claims they have been misquoted”.


At the point when the columnist asked him whether he supposes he was misquoted or his announcement was wrongly translated , Naseeruddin Shah said ” Everthing I said was precisely revealed aside from that few others things ascribed to me which I didn’t talk.

Naseeruddin Shah started a discussion in India with his comments that “I feel on edge for my youngsters, if tomorrow a horde encompass them and ask them are you Hindu or Muslim. They will have no answer”.



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