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Altaf Hussain Involvement in the Killing of Ali Raza Abidi

Web Desk: Although none of the media has courage to say anything like this, but we will reveal the truth at Intelligence reports and trend of killing tells us that all fingers are pointed in this direction that it is perhaps Altaf from London who ordered the so called “Supari” of Abidi.

Altaf has done this in the past with many of his workers and close friends, he is also under investigations from YEARS on the Imran Farooq murder case and he believed to be the prime suspect in the killing.

Under the UK government protection, Altaf has destroyed the peace of Pakistan in various ways. Sometime sparking riots, sometimes through his cunning speeches and sometime target killing and playing politics.

We do not want to post and promote Altaf’s videos clips here on, but you can see all on social media channels, he is already playing politics against Pak Army and the current government.

It is time to IGNORE these traitors and move on to build a better Pakistan. Besides that a famous idiom, As you sow, so shall you reap.

You need to think first before you join these kind of parties, otherwise the end result will be just like what Abidi received, ‘A Bullet’.




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