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Mr. Dhabardhoos is Coming with Double The Force and Energy

Islamabad: Mr. Shahid Masood at PIMS hospital, while enjoying his freedom showed interest in coming back to his show after full recovery.

Shahid Masood suffered from a mild stroke which slightly damages an area of his brain because of low oxygen supply and due to a clot in his bloodstream. His recovery is accepted soon, however doctors have to ensure the root cause of the problem, whether some of his arteries got blocked due to high cholesterol, or for some other reasons.

Once he fully recovers from this gift given by PTV and current government due to humiliation, embarrassment, insult, pain and suffering  then he will be able to start his show with twice the force after ‘Badmashia’ and Dhabardhoos everyone who will come in his way.

We are all waiting for his show to start soon…



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