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MQM’s Altaf Could Be Linked With Abidi’s Slaining

Possibility of a campaign from MQM London and PMLN will soon surface up for the killing of Abidi.

Abidi who had officially quit MQM but still had close ties with Altaf in London, Abidi was Altaf’s closest worker and had always supported him despite differences. Altaf is going to use Abidi’s murder  as a tool to defame establishment and soon will start blaming current government and Pak Army.

This is MQM London old strategy, once you are in, you can never come out until you die or killed.

Altaf is already giving interviews on social media and soon PMLN will join and echo his voice. It is also reported that Altaf is in serious financial troubles and begging for money  from his workers and fake supporters in the video surfaced on the social media




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