Man,Woman killed allegedly for honour


A man and a woman were killed allegedly for honour by the latter’s husband near Kath Mor area in Darya Khan, police confirmed on Monday.

According to police, the slain were murdered by the woman’s husband, who committed the act with the help of his father and brother.
The woman’s husband buried her after committing the crime and kept the crime a secret. The male victim, on the other hand, succumbed to his wounds while he was being taken to Multan for treatment by relatives.
Upon receiving information of the male victim’s death, police took the body of the deceased into custody and shifted it to the hospital. The police also registered a case against 29 named suspects and 8 unknown persons.
Police submitted an application to the local magistrate, seeking permission to dig out the woman’s corpse from her grave for further investigation.
Both victims were close relatives and families of the two hailed from South Waziristan, the police confirmed.


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