Lahore woman arrested for torturing four-year-old niece with hot knife


A woman viciously tortured her four-year-old niece in Lahore Saturday.

As per details, the incident occurred in Lahore’s Nishtar Colony, where an aunt subjected her niece to brutal torture with hot knife.According to police, the parents of the girl, left the house by leaving their child at her aunt’s house over a domestic matter, while further investigations into the matter was underway.
The police have arrested the woman after registering case against her.
Last month, an eight-year-old housemaid succumbed to injuries after being brutally tortured by enraged house owners as she had mistakenly released two parrots from a cage.
The incident took place in Rawalpindi city where a child maid, 8-year-old Zohra, was reportedly tortured to death by a couple over mistakenly releasing two parrots from a cage.
According to reports, the parrot flew when she was cleaning the parrots’ cage. The couple, identified as Hassaan Siddiqui and his wife, tortured the child maid.


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