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Justice Champion Imran Khan, Review the Case of Dr. Shahid Masood

Calling himself champion of providing justice to the people Mr. Imran Khan, who is the premier of Pakistan has failed to provide justice under his nose.

Yes, we are talking about Dr. Shahid Masood who is in jail for almost over a month for the crime he never committed. FIA who directly reports to Imran Khan and comes under him has shamefully and cowardly kept honest media anchor in the jail with high profile criminals. Dr Masood is also transported with the extremely dangerous criminals back and forth from the court to jail.

Dr. Masood who is one of the outspoken and daring journalist who stood against all criminals of Pakistan and openly supported a change in Pakistan as well as talk in the favor of Imran, is today neglected and left to rot in the jail by the PM.

We are not asking from Imran Khan to give personal favors to Dr. Shahid Masood, but we are asking to provide justice in this corrupt judicial system.

Khan is aware of all the situation and also seeing that world top criminals like Zardari, Malik Riaz, Shahbaz, Nawaz, Abbasi, Ishaq Daar and Faryal Talpur etc. are enjoying their lives in jails or outside while an honest journalist is rotting in jail for no obvious reasons, its a SHAME.

Is this NEW PAKISTAN and a change Mr. Imran Khan? 

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