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Javed Ghamdi, another fraud, corrupt and an agent of West

خود بدلتے نہيں، قرآں کو بدل ديتے ہيں
ہوئے کس درجہ فقيہان حرم بے توفيق


We have our eyes on Javed Ghamdi from long time and we are following him on social media as well. Ghamdi, another corrupt, totally fraud scholar on the face of Pakistan, he is one of the most cheap-shot and a fraud Islamic scholar. He is no scholar of any kind, he is actually an impersonator.

Ghamdi has committed many intentional and purposeful attacks on the main pillars of Islam and he has lied in the name of Quran, the biggest of all he did is that he attempted to change the meaning of glorious Quran by choosing an ayat from Sura Baqrah and interpreting it as Allah actually allowed for the people to give interest (usury) and that it is Halal as per Quran. In fact it is a BIG lie of Ghamdi. Interest (usury) either giving or taking, both are haram.

People who are misguided by Ghamdi, MUST think that giving and taking are interlinked with each other. Someone can give interest only when someone will take it. So how it is possible that Allah allows giving of interest and then forbid taking the interest?

Yes, this is what Ghamdi is preaching people all over the world, including Australia, USA and other western countries.

This task is given to him from satanic forces who wants Muslims who are enjoying their lives interest free, to start purchasing things i.e. cars, houses and other commodities on interest so they can be trapped by the big-box banks and so that mankind can fully dip into slavery. Ghamdi as an agent of banks, purposely preaching his false lessons to Muslim communities by CHANGING the meaning of Quran ayat and misguiding millions. He has been paid an handsome amount by west to complete this task – Ghamdi is totally a fraudulent scholar of islam and a liar.

Our request to Muslims all over the world who follows Ghamdi is to STOP right now and think, if in doubt, always follow Quran. Ghamdi is a Satan (شيطان) and he have blamed a lie toward Allah SWT and have attempted to change the meaning of Quran to misguide people.

Ghamdi can escape this worldly life by trying to misguide people, but what he will do when he will go back to Allah?

This complete retard Ghamdi have to understand that when bank gives loan for a house or a car, they give MONEY as a loan not a HOUSE in loan, you get the money and can buy any house of your choice and you have to payback monthly installment with money only.

His logic in the below video is totally incorrect that interest is Haram on consumable things and house is not consumable. Correct, but the bank will never give you a house in loan, they will give ONLY money in loan which you will use to buy a house. Can someone tell this illiterate, completely retarded fraud scholar that he has contradiction with his own statement.

As per Allah SWT, fire is their destination and Allah’s damn on the liars.

Watch the video below




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