Jahangir Tareen invites lawmakers to dinner in Lahore


PTI leader Jahangir Tareen threw a dinner party for lawmakers at his Lahore residence on Friday, which was well attended, sources said.

According to Tareen House sources, more than 29 members of the national and provincial assemblies attended the gathering. Among them, eight were from the National Assembly, two were provincial ministers, four were provincial advisors and 21 were members of the Punjab Assembly.
The sources said among the National Assembly members were Raja Riaz, Sami Gillani, Riaz Mazari, Khwaja Shiraz, Mubeen Alam Anwar, Javed Waraich, Ghulam Bibi Bharwana and Ghulam Lali.
The two provincial advisors to have participated were Malik Nauman Langrial and Ajmal Cheema, the sources added.
According to the sources, the four provincial advisors in attendance were Abdul Hai Dasti, Ameer Muhammad Khan, Rafaqat Gillani and Faisal Jabwana.
The sources said that others there included Khurram Laghari, Aslam Bharwana, Nazeer Chohan, Asif Majeed, Bilal Waraich, Umar Aftab, Tahir Randhawa, Zawar Waraich, Nazeer Baloch, Ameen Chaudhry, Sajjad Waraich, Saman Naeem, Iftikhar Gondal and Aun Chaudhry.
The participants were said by sources to have remarked that “whatever is happening with Jahangir Tareen is unjust and we stand by him”.
Earlier in the day, sources told Geo News that 36 bank accounts belonging to the PTI stalwart, his son and his wife have been frozen.
The move was made at the request of the Federal Investigation Agency, sources said.
The FIA has been tasked with probing the sugar crisis and is looking into the JDW Sugar Mills owned by Jahangir Tareen.


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